Manual Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science

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About this book Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science provides a solid introduction to modern ecosystem science covering land, freshwater and marine environments.

Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science

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    Myxomycetes: Biology, Systematics, Biogeography, and Ecology. Nature's Music. Advances in Marine Biology, Volume He was, in fact, subsequently rewarded with the National Medal of Science for his work in ecology.

    2nd Edition

    Sign in. Hidden fields. Access Online via Elsevier Amazon. Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science. Kathleen C. Weathers , David L. Strayer , Gene E.

    Addresses, contrasts, and compares both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems Combines general lessons, concepts, frameworks, and challenges in highly accessible synthesis chapters Presents firsthand case studies, written by leaders in the field, offering personal insights into how adopting an ecosystem approach led to innovations, new understanding, management changes, and policy solutions.

    Contenido II Ecological Energetics. III Biogeochemistry. Derechos de autor.

    What is an Ecosystem

    Likens Sin vista previa disponible - She has over publications to date Dr Strayer is a Freshwater Ecologist whose research is focused on the distribution and roles of freshwater invertebrates. Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science Kathleen C. II Ecological Energetics.

    IV Synthesis.

    V Case Studies.