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The desert seasons are always meant to prepare us and lead us to God.

Desert Solitaire

He is waiting for us to cry out to Him and give our lives to Him, regardless of the situation that we are going through. For Israel, they grumbled, complained, and even fashioned an idol to worship.

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On the other side of the desert season was supposed to be the Promised Land! They were only a couple days away from entering into all that God had promised them; yet when they entered into the desert season they chose the wrong path.

The Five Seasons of the Sonoran Desert | The Weather Gamut

With this decision, they entered into another desert season for 40 years. Desert Seasons Duane Vander Klok. Psalm We all go through difficult desert seasons. Building Relationship. Finding Peace.

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Some years might see unseasonable heavy rains this month, although this is uncommon. Allergy sufferers bemoan the blooming of desert broom, a shrub that colonizes disturbed areas.

However, broom flowers are a favorite of hundreds of butterflies, bees, wasps, and beetles. Many plants are fruiting, including barrel cacti, soapberry trees, desert hackberries, and wolfberries. Fall colors splash through canyons.

Resident desert birds, or those that spend their winters here, are gorging on the many plant fruits. Most snakes head to winter burrows this month. One exception is the rosy boa, which lives in the warmer western deserts and will give birth this month and next. Although most snakes remain fairly inactive in the colder months, keep in mind that they can emerge any time of year if enough warm days pass to sufficiently rouse them.

When You Are In A Desert Season: The Blessings of God Overwhelm

Wintering hawks arrive; common raptors include northern harriers, rough-legged and ferruginous hawks, kestrels, Merlins, and prairie falcons. Turkey vultures are mostly gone, but loud groups of common ravens replace them on carrion patrol. Settle down near one with a pair of binoculars and enjoy great purple hairstreaks, snouts, many different sulphurs, swallowtails, checkerspots and more, as well as bees, wasps, beetles, and flies.

Look for desert broom in washes or in disturbed areas, such as around new housing developments. Balmy weather finally begins to settle on the deserts, while winter grips the mountains.

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Expect mostly dry weather, although well over half a foot of snow may fall up high. Storms from the northwest may bring cold, even freezing, temperatures to the deserts as well.

The Desert Speaks

Fall colors snake across low- and mid-elevation canyons where sycamores, cottonwoods, ashes, and walnuts begin to give up their leaves. Desert broom seeds take to the air in cloudy puffs that look like snow. Desert mistletoe berries begin to form.