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This is one of those reissues where the artwork and sound of the vinyl does justice to the music itself. Antena - Camino Del Sol. Antena's only release in their original incarnation is the definition of a cult album. These five tracks are so perfectly formed with their gentle mix of synth-pop and bossanova that makes a brief but addictive listen. You can hear their influence on The High Llamas and the mighty Stereolab. Reissued as the original track-listing by Numero Group, this is one of the year's best reissues so far.

A beautiful light soul album that despite its retro leanings, still manages to sound remarkably refresh. And what a voice too. So rich and soothing making American Love Call the perfect summer soundtrack.

The Mothers Of Invention's classic is one of those albums that is meant for vinyl. Reissued for its 40th anniversary this Mono mix makes it sound better than ever. One of the best Zappa related albums and one that's worthy of a place in any collection.

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Whilst there is no disputing what a fantastic collection of music that is, their second full length album could well be considered their masterpiece. This is a very high quality and essential reissue of an album that desperately needed to be back out on wax. Must listen tracks -- Broke, Alleged and Squares. Julia Holter - Aviary Colored Vinyl. Julia Holter just keeps getting better and better. She started strongly with 's Tragedy and seems to be effortlessly becoming more daring and exciting as an artist each time she releases something.

After the brilliant, Have You In My Wilderness, it was surprising to see that not only did she up the quality she also made it a double!

Erotic American Classics, Vol. 6: Dry Hustle

A beautiful and haunting record from one of the best artists of the decade. Grimes - Art Angels. After her breakthrough album, Visions it was hard to predict what kind of album Grimes would return with. Turns out she isn't an artist that believes in repeating herself. There are still electronic elements to Art Angels, but there's also a technicolor punk side to this record. She's a hard one to categorize and that is a part of what makes her such a thrilling and unique artist.

It's an album that deserved every single accolade it received in the end of year lists. Brian Eno - Ambient 4: On Land. Every time a Brian Eno album gets reissued on vinyl, the world seems to make just a little bit more sense. To think how hard it was to find anything of his for so many years, it's such a relief to see them back in print. These ambient albums in particular need to be on some good sounding wax and these latest reissues have been done to a really high standard. The Flamin' Groovies are one of the underrated bands of the late 70s. Blending garage rock and new wave with 60s inspired pop gave them an edge of over other groups of that era.

This live show from is the sound of the band at the peak of their powers. Reissued on orange and black vinyl this limited edition is a must for fans of the band. Every year the VSQ takes on a well known artist and covers some of their well loved songs. This year they've outdone themselves with an artist that actually makes a lot of sense. Bjork is one of the most singular talents the music world has ever seen and this flawless selection of her material has been arranged and performed beautifully.

Beck - Odelay. Writing about some of these albums is making me feel old. Has it really been 23 years since Beck put out Odelay? Obviously Beck has made a decent amount of great albums now, but he's never quite topped this genre defying masterpiece. The way he fuses so many genres whilst making everything so catchy and funky is why people still care about his output after almost 30 years in the game.

Blur - Parklife.

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Britpop was an interesting scene. Without mentioning any names, some of those groups haven't exactly aged that well. That's not the case with Parklife by Blur. It's very much of its time, but the hooks and songwriting still remains just as compelling. X - Wild Gift. Fat Possum have done a brilliant job with the much needed reissues of the first four albums by X. The quality of the vinyl is high and the price is right. Frederick Starr observes in Chapter 8 of this volume. Hearn, in fact, probably did more than any other writer to shape the national perception of the city, so much so that by , H.

His story marks a point along the way of the growing process of New Orleans Gothic that rolled inexorably through to the midway point of the twentieth century. William Faulkner too drew on Gothic New Orleans.

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The novel is framed as a visit to a haunted house that holds a shameful secret and ends with a roaring conflagration, replete with otherwordly screaming, in quintessential Gothic fashion. In fact, as the twentieth century progressed, both the Garden District and the French Quarter gathered around themselves an even more pronounced exotic quality as tourism grew stronger and the Quarter transformed into a modern party destination and museum.

A similar transformation took place in Key West another place Tennessee Williams called home , which also maintained an old part of the town built in a similar style to New Orleans; likewise, Charleston, St. Augustine, and Savannah capitalized on their being from the same vintage, but none did this with the same scale and intensity as New Orleans, where the French Quarter, in particular, has become not just a living museum but a place where a glimpse of the remote past seems to persist in ways that are uncanny, thrilling, and provocative — ghostlike.

Surely no other writer since Lafcadio Hearn has done more to shape New Orleans as a Gothic place in the popular imagination. As soon as he enters into eternal life, Louis immediately begins to obsess over this new nature of his and its moral paradoxes. He hates to kill but knows he must in order to live.

A Hamlet-like thinker, he wants Lestat to teach him the manifold secrets and full extent of the powers of being a vampire, but Lestat does not do so. As a result, the experience of being a vampire does not measure up to what Louis expects, and Louis fails to become the vampire Lestat expects him to be. Apparently trying to bring out a killer instinct in Louis and also to give the two of them company, Lestat turns a child named Claudia into a vampire.

At first, she is a grateful and energetic killer, but as the years pass, she experiences the monstrous condition of growing into an adult intellectually and emotionally while still being a child physically, which grows especially difficult when she develops romantic feelings for Louis. When she rebels and apparently kills Lestat, she and Louis flee to Europe. The foremost and oldest of this group of vampires is Armand, and he is drawn to Louis as a vampire who can help him understand the nineteenth century.

At work here is the Southern Gothic expressly couched in the Postcolonial Gothic. At one point, Louis offers the following comments about Paris in relation to New Orleans:. It was the mother of New Orleans, understand that first; it had given New Orleans its life, its first populace; and it was what New Orleans had for so long tried to be.

But New Orleans, though beautiful and desperately alive, was desperately fragile. There was something forever savage and primitive there, something that threatened the exotic and sophisticated life both from within and without. Not an inch of those wooden streets nor a brick of the crowded Spanish houses had not been bought from the fierce wilderness that forever surrounded the city, ready to engulf it.

Slaves appear in the novel, but they are mere background figures, registrars of horror, than actual players who advance the plot. And when Rice extends the story in a second novel, The Vampire Lestat , slavery ceases to play any role at all. Rice would go on to write erotic novels, making explicit what is artfully suggested in her vampire novels.

The reader soon sees the homoeroticism between Louis and Lestat, and when Claudia comes into their group, the monstrous specter of pedophilia looms in a most disturbing way. In The Feast of All Saints , for example, she includes a depiction of voodoo culture in the city.

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Rowan has strange psychic powers, which she realizes can either save or kill people; she saves Michael from drowning, and after he revives, he suddenly possesses clairvoyant powers. They fall in love, and Michael returns to New Orleans to restore an old home, and Rowan soon follows. In the meantime, however, she encounters a ghost named Lasher. He has haunted the women in her family for many years, something that a researcher of psychic phenomena, Aaron Lightner, has discovered.

Two more novels follow his exploits, Lasher and Taltos I use New Orleans more as a tool to help me personally get my work done. The titular story tells of a woman with a demon who lives in her closet that her lover, the narrator, learns about while in bed with her. The rest of the stories operate within Gothic dynamics in animal-centered ways.

New Orleans Gothic thus proves finally inescapable for Paschal, despite his best efforts, which may be partly a result of the Gothic as historical actant.