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The surviving family members are selling the place so Cyndi was served a notice that she has to be out of the house by September Over the past 30 years, Cyndi has placed about dogs with families.

She keeps in touch with the families and also helps them with lifetime free training advice and support. It is quite unbelievable to see how happy these dogs are living together and how they thrive in this environment as opposed to a shelter environment. She will, without hesitation, take in dogs that many would turn away. This is Stryder.

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His eye had popped out of its socket and was horribly infected, blood all down his face. He was just a puppy. Maybe 6 months old.

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We don't know exactly what happened but obviously it wasn't good. Even with no money or idea how Cyndi was going to pay for it she had him rushed to the vet. The vet was able to put the eyeball back in the socket and sew it in place. It would never be functional, but it would look better than an empty socket. Stryder was very leery, depressed and unsure of what was going to happen to him next. His trust in people was not really very strong, making Cyndi think someone had done something to him to cause this because Pit Bulls love people. They want to please their people so very badly so for a puppy to be so unsure around people, just completely broke her heart.

But it didn't take long for this guy to realize that Cyndi was going to do nothing but love him, help him, care for him and make sure he had everything he needed to be safe and happy.

Just seeing the change in him, and have that huge bully smile spread across his face, made all the fundraising and begging for money to pay his vet bill worth it! How could anyone do something so horrible to such a loving soul! Now all he wanted to do was please. He became such a loving trusting absolutely perfect companion.

Cyndi was not the only one who thinks that about him. His wonderful forever home can't imagine life without him now! He is loved, not only by his new parents, but by all who meet him.

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And as you can see, he is as gorgeous as any could hope to be! He is happy, loved, well cared for and living life large! Our heart swells with love for him and Cyndi can't even imagine not having been there to help him have this glorious life he now has and deserves. Mercy was in pretty bad shape. No one at the shelter would even give her a first glance, let alone a second. Her time was up. But when Cyndi got the call, without a second thought she agreeed to take Mercy in. Cyndi spent hours day after day nursing Mercy back to health.

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Now, Miss Mercy May as Cyndi calls her couldn't be healthier or happier as she awaits, with Cyndi, for her perfect forever home to show up. For as Cyndi is always saying, 'There is a perfect home out there for every dog, it's just a matter of time to find it. I look down and see my dog.

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A song coursed through her and she rushed to get the words and melody down on paper. Watch it right here. Going back many years, my partner was married to his first wife and they had two children. The youngest was under three years old. R was out working a night shift while his wife was at home with the children. She went to bed and forgot to lock the door. The little boy woke up in the night and, for some reason, went downstairs and out of the unlocked door. Hours later at dawn, he was discovered by a neighbor wandering the streets nearby.

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Dogs bring so much joy and so many benefits. They guard us, keep us safe, make us exercise, cozy up and keep us warm, and provide endless companionship, while asking only that we take care of their physical needs and be there for them.


Dogs are the greatest comedians and they give us a reason to get up in the morning. They snuggle down with us in the evenings. Some even come to bed and take up all the room. Our pet dogs see us through joy, grief and trauma. Many therapist dollars have been saved because someone has a dog on hand to share their woes. Dogs give us someone to talk to whenever we need to share. They are there when we have our babies. Sometimes we are there when they have babies of their own.

They are there through separation and divorce. Through the passing of loved ones. And, if we are lucky, we have the privilege of holding them, saying goodbye, and seeing them safely through their own passing. Where, we are certain, they do become true angels. I had a dog until 18 and I was so sad when she passed away, now I have 3 little dogs.

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There are so many dogs just waiting to meet you and who want to love and be loved, soooo many. We are taught lessons through loss and another door opens to love again. Never let yourself believe you are not open to new possibilities and more love. There is so much loving to do. I know never didn't have any dogs growing up as a child because of verious reasons and including severe allergies and so it was sadly conceqently I never knew what true love was until one day in , when I moved into lodgings with a family who had a dog.