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On his last day in office, Jackson selected Catron for one of them.

He was by no means a leader on the Court and wrote relatively few opinions. He joined with the majority in Dred Scott and other slavery cases.

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However, during the Civil War, Catron was a unionist, despite being a slaveholder. This put him very much at odds with the people of Tennessee and he left his home and moved north to Louisville as his home was no longer part of the United States, having committed treason in defense of slavery. Moreover, his wife, a Confederate sympathizer, refused to move with him.

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But at his core, he followed Jackson in his belief that the Union mattered above all and he continued deciding cases both at the circuit and federal level. Like so many slaveholders, Catron raped his slaves, having at least one child by a woman named Sally.

Mentor Cemetery, Mentor, Ohio - Burial Records

His mother managed to get the boy some semblance became a barber in Nashville, finally winning his own freedom in , which never happened for his mother. Catron died in at the age of This grave visit was funded by LGM reader contributions. Thousands upon thousands were refused entry when they most needed it, and the ship was turned back to Europe.

Whether we look back 50, 70, or years, was a particularly significant year for anniversaries in Israel. It is years since Israel was liberated from centuries of Muslim control and since the Balfour declaration promised to establish a homeland for the Jewish people.

Treason's Grave: Mentor

And this month it is years since the Basel Declaration, where the call to reestablish Israel was formally sent out at the end of August Born in Germany but growing up for the most part in the UK, William Hechler was trained in the Anglican church and sent to be the chaplain to the British Embassy in Vienna.

Like a great many of his fellow clergymen and contemporaries [2], he saw great import in the year It was a well-known date among students of prophecy based on the rich numerical symbolism found in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

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He waxed enthusiastic over my solution. He wants to place my tract in the hands of some German princes.

He used to be a tutor in the household of the Grand Duke of Baden, he knows the German Kaiser and thinks he can get me an audience. Because of his connections, Hechler was able to arrange for Herzl an audience with the German Kaiser, who became very supportive, and who had significant influence with Turkey, then rulers of Palestine. Nonetheless, the friendship and partnership between Herzl and Hechler continued to grow. He is at once clever and mystical and naive. His counsel and precepts have been excellent to date.

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However, even after their dreams were becoming reality with the Balfour Declaration of promising to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine under the British Mandate, Hechler was frustrated that many Jewish people were not eager to move there. Grave mistakes were made during those years, the tragedy of the Exodus being just one of them. British Christians have since held ceremonies on the shores of Israel to repent for those grievous decisions made during the time of the British mandate, and to ask for forgiveness. When we choose to remember the heroes who founded the country, I feel that there is something to fight for.

Secular Zionism is not racism, but as Herzl rightly saw, it is necessary because of racism. Christian Zionism is not primarily about politics, but about great love for God, for his people, and a willingness to align with his prophetic plans made long ago, as William Hechler demonstrated.

He was exonerated only after 12 years of false accusation and imprisonment.